Sign Up Incentives

Give Rides, Get Sign Up Incentives

Uber wants driver-partners everywhere, so it runs special promotions to encourage new people to sign up. An Uber sign-up incentive is a lucrative way for new Uber partners to earn as much money as possible in a short time. It’s not unheard of to sign up as a new driver with a sign-up incentive. This money is only given to you once you’ve completed a required number of rides within a specified time, such as 75 trips within 30 days. Not only do you get the incentive in the end, but you also get the money for providing rides along the way.
Unfortunately, you can’t go to Uber’s website and become eligible for a driver-partner sign-up incentive. You’ll have to sign up with a referral link from an existing driver. Though you’ll get higher sign-up incentive offers in bigger cities, you can still get decent incentives in smaller markets and earn more money in a month.

How to Get Driver Referral Rewards Using the Uber Platform?

You won’t see a published list of incentives on Uber’s website. If you’re interested in finding out the sign-up incentives in your city, just send an email to Uber’s support department. Inform the support team of your decision to sign up as a new driver-partner, and inquire about the sign-up incentives for your city. You should receive an email with information regarding the incentives and how to proceed.
Many drivers offer an Uber referral incentive on their blogs, which you can find by doing a simple Google search online. By searching for “Uber driver referral incentive,” you’ll be directed to countless sign-up incentive offers from drivers across the country. When you sign up with Uber platform, use the referral code that you received online. Picking up your first ride activates the incentive and gets you started on your goal.